Treating Diabetes With Natural Remedies


weight loss or diabetes prevention and treatment overweight dietDiabetes is a condition in the human body where the pancreas fails to process insulin in sufficient amounts so as to regulate the glucose levels in the bloodstream. Too much insulin will result in insulin shock and if left untreated could result in death. Too little insulin will result in the inability of our body to properly digest our food.

Type I diabetes is where there is no insulin being produced by the pancreas and insulin shots are given daily. Type II diabetes can be controlled by the proper diet which can help to regulate the right proportion of insulin in the blood.

The alternate treatments for diabetes revolve largely around the keeping of a proper diet along with exercise and this can work very well, particularly with type II diabetes. Other procedures that have been tried include hypnosis, guided imagery, acupuncture, chiropractic treatments, yoga, biofeedback, herbal remedies, aromatherapy and others.

Most of these alternative remedies flat do not work as natural cures for diabetes as they do nothing or very little to stimulate the pancreas to work properly. A case in point is that if a diabetic person is even considering any alternative therapy for diabetes, their doctor should be consulted so the doctor will be aware of what is going on.
got_diabetes_modAcupuncture has not been shown to have any effect on reversing diabetes in any way, but it can be used to reduce the pain that occurs when neuropathy is the result of diabetes. Neuropathy is a painful lack of nerve function that is caused by diabetes.

Biofeedback is a relaxation technique that helps a person understand how their body is working based upon a set of responses caused by certain stimuli. It has not been proven to have any effect at all on diabetes.

Adding chromium in the diet has been a debated topic in regards to diabetes for years, as it has been alleged that the taking of chromium supplements can aid in the improvement of the control of the disease. However, there has been no conclusive scientific proof or studies that prove anything like this that will work.


There are methods of treating type II diabetes with prescribed diets, supplements and exercise that have had promising results. The diets themselves are built around the proper foods that react well with the balance of insulin production and the needed insulin in the blood.

In many cases, the drastic reduction of the sugar that we receive in our “normal” diets does a lot to reduce diabetic symptoms, as does the loss of weight in overly heavy individuals. In addition, carbohydrate free or reduced diets can go a long way towards stemming the tide for this disease. Carbohydrate intolerance is a pre-condition for diabetes.

If you have a thought of pursuing any type of these natural cures for diabetes, be sure to contact your doctor and there is a good chance that you can receive help in your efforts.